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EFDA’s core business consists of varied professional Floral Design training courses on different levels. Often these courses are tailor made and in co-operation translated in high quality courses fit to our client’s wishes.

Next to executing training courses EFDA is the examination institute being responsible for the quality of Dutch Diplomaline examinations worldwide.



The European Floral Design Academy is a body of Aeres University of Applied Sciences and Teacher Education Wageningen. The study programmes at this university under the control of the Dutch government focus on teachers, trainers and specialists in learning. The programmes are all in Dutch language and train students in becoming professionals in the transfer of knowledge in the field of agriculture (agribusiness), horticulture (floral design and retail, landscaping and gardening), food technology, animal breeding and keeping, cooking, catering & hospitality.

EFDA is a solid and reliable organization with an extensive global network. We work closely together with 16 licensed schools in China, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea and Taiwan.

EFDA’s most important partners are VBW, the Dutch association for professional floral retail industry, and the international florist organization Florint.

the university building in Wageningen.

van Heijst

  • Master Floral Designer
  • Bachelor in Floral Design and education
  • certified video coach
  • certified assessor for National and International Judges in Floral Design

Erik is working for Aeres University for more than 20 years. He is the EFDA manager for Japan, Korea and certain parts of China.



Erik van Heijst

van Doesburg

  • Master Floral Designer
  • Bachelor in Floral Design and education
  • academy of Fine Art (painting)
  • certified assessor for National and International Judges in Floral Design

Jan has been working for Aeres University for almost 30 years. He is the EFDA manager for Hong Kong, Taiwan and certain parts of China.



Jan van Doesburg

EFDA offers five groups of activities.

1: Technical training courses and workshops
These activities are the most common. They are well known for their special didactic approach.

2: Demonstrations
Mostly a demonstration is combined with a training course. In this case the demonstration has an educational tone. EFDA’s experts however also executed demonstrations with a high professional and entertaining level.

3: EFDA Diploma line
Together with our licensed schools EFDA is conducting lessons and examinations of the EFDA Diploma line. These examinations are Dutch Flower Arrangements (DFA), which covers the basic flower arrangements and Advanced Dutch Flower Arrangements (ADFA). ADFA represents flower arrangements based on personal creativity and choices in relation to special occasions, customers and rooms. People who pass these examinations acquire an official diploma issued by VBW.

4: Train-the-trainer
Close to the core business of Aeres University Wageningen, training teachers, EFDA developed its own Instructor Course. These EFDA’s Instructors are qualified to train people for the official DFA and ADFA examinations. Meanwhile over 150 EFDA DFA1 Instructors are active in Asia.
Since 2012 EFDA cooperates with the international florist association Florint and developed a system to assess judges in floral design. EFDA developed and executes special seminars to prepare judges for this official assessment. EFDA developed also its own EFDA DFA judge for professional judging in DFA and ADFA examinations.

5: Curriculum development
EFDA supports schools in the organization of their education for the two Dutch Flower Examinations DFA and ADFA.

Dutch training location


An important part of EFDA’s activities is carried out and monitored in the Dutch city Wageningen.
Well-equipped Floral Design classrooms with audiovisual facilities and an exhibition space are available.

classroom for practical sessions
classroom for both practical and theoretical sessions
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