EFDA license schools


EFDA is working closely together with 16 license schools. These schools are an important cornerstone of EFDA’s activities. Executing Floral Design lessons and study-tours, organising DFA/ADFA examinations and developing teaching materials are the most important collaborative activities.

Before a new license contract is signed, EFDA researches if the candidate school is meeting the license conditions. These conditions mainly focus on the areas of content, communication, cooperation and confidence. An important quality tool is the yearly evaluation of the license school. Our license schools have several privileges. One of them is the right to organise part of the DFA1 examination under their own responsibility.

Because our license schools are an important cornerstone, EFDA only will grant a license when it is not negatively effecting the position of our partners.

Any Floral Design school interested in the procedure becomming a license school can contact EFDA.

Our license schools in China:

Pui Wa Floral Design School




Pui Wa Floral design School was established in 2000 in Beijing, China. Our aim is to provide the best floral education possible using the most scientific training method, updating the latest trends, sharing product knowledge to equip student therefore producing quality floral designers and florists. We have a pool of talented and committed teachers giving quality education and training to many florists over the years locally and internationally.

We have invited designers from Germany, Holland, Japan, Korea, Singapore and Sweden etc as Guest Lecturers to form part of our enrichment classes. Our courses are designed to put in place a good balance between artistic expression and commercial viability.

Course contents are planned to create interest, cultivate professional knowledge step-by-steps backed with reasonable fees to meet needs of varied expectations. Courses include simple and fun classes for hobbyists and professional classes for flower shop owners and designers alike. Pui Wa floral design school has helped many realized their dreams of owning their very own flower shop!

Pui Wa floral design school brings the best from the world and blend them with the local scenario to achieve the best results. We have through the years connected ourselves with many other floral establishments to constantly exchange ideas and update ourselves.






J-2 Flower Paradise




J2 Flower Paradise, was established in 2014. The academy is located in a beautiful garden-style campus in Guangzhou, China, with spacious and bright flower art classrooms, and is committed to providing comprehensive flower art knowledge and skills training. The academy has an experienced team of teachers, who come from different flower art fields and have extensive teaching experience and professional knowledge. We provide comprehensive flower art training services for students with rigorous teaching attitude, professional curriculum system, and rich practical teaching.

For a long time, J2 has been committed to the promotion of floral culture and formal floral professional system, adhering to the formal teaching concept, and creating more floral designers with good professional qualities and high-level flower industry operators. Through interactive learning and teaching mode, students can achieve a solid and stable foundation, grasp correct and clear design direction and conceptual principles, have cutting-edge aesthetic perspective, precise color application, and unique modeling ability, so as to lay an excellent professional skill and artistic foundation.

We have been running the DFA course for 8 years and have trained nearly 200 flower designers who hold the Dutch DFA professional qualification. We also offer a variety of courses, including bouquet design, flower arrangement, wedding flower art, etc., to meet the needs of different students. The academy also provides personalized teaching services, tailoring courses according to the needs and interests of companies, helping students gain a deeper understanding of the charm and skills of flower art.

In addition to regular courses, the college regularly invites well-known floral artists from home and abroad to conduct course activities and exchanges, providing students with a broader perspective and learning platform. At the same time, the college also cooperates with multiple floral institutions and enterprises to provide students with entrepreneurial guidance and employment opportunities, helping students realize their dreams in the field of floral art.

A professional institution for cultivating the beauty of floral art In the busy modern life, floral art, as an art, conveys emotions and beauty with its unique charm and silent language. We are committed to inheriting and carrying forward the beauty of floral art.


Shanghai: 105Blooms


Founded in 2016, a leading professional flower school in Shanghai offering professional floral design course over 7 years. Also provide cutting edge floral design for branding company. 105Blooms Flower School integrates art and professionalism, we believe Floral Design courses are not only for building one’s career path; but by taking our courses, anyone that has a passion in life and has a pursuit for fashion or taste can learn about art in a new perspective. This could be a milestone breakthrough regarding the change of attitude for Art Education in China and the promotion of aesthetics and creativity for the general public.

As a professional Institution for teaching Floral Design, we believe offering courses is just a beginning. With what our students leaned here, we hope they can open more doors to nature、art and design. In this case, they’ll be able to know more about plants and gardening, discover the laws of aesthetics in nature, identify what the great works share. At the same time, 105Blooms Flower School offers activities like Campus Day and International study-tours, providing opportunities for students to have more hands-on experiences after the courses and further developments in Floral Design. We encourage our students to keep practicing, explore the fun and charm of Floral Design, and eventually become the new generation of Floral Designers that has an international perspective.

Our license school in Hong Kong:

Institut de Artflor




Institut de Artflor, established in 1999, became the licenced school for China Hong Kong (EFDA) in the same year. In 2002, the school was invited to be the floral design course provider for the City University of Hong Kong, School of Continuing and Professional Education.

In 2006, we saw the need for extending the number of floral design teachers, combining good didactical practice with in-depth trainings in floral design skills for DFA arrangements. With the support of EFDA, we started the DFA Instructor training program in 2007 and the said program was awarded a Level 4 QF rating by the HK government in 2010. Until now, the number of DFA Instructors has reached over 100, these instructors are actively responsible for opening up the China market, covering most major cities within the country. In Hong Kong, the Instructor training program is well recognised by the Hong Kong Employee Retraining Board as one of the prerequisites for floral design instructor recruitment.

In 2017, Institut de Artflor reckoned that DFA instructors should be more involved with the Judging process, which is another step to enhance personal development and professional attributes. Hence, under the auspices of EFDA, we developed a DFA Judging course with emphasis on analytical skills, fairness, transparencies and subjective judgments.  To date, we have 10 DFA Judges who are both committed in teaching and judging DFA examinations.

The motto of our school is to provide the opportunity for new-comers or those who are already working in this industry to further their education through well substantiated learning programs, leading to good overall understanding, better self-confidence and the required technical enhancement in the field of floral designs and applicable instruction demonstrations.  Other than the annual Teachers Day, we also offer periodical workshops and discussion groups to support our instructors who are conscientiously involved in DFA programs.

We hope that our continual endeavour would be able to help maintain the standards of floral design education in Hong Kong and through the efforts of our associates and instructors, bring the same awareness to the Floral industry in China.

Our license schools in Japan:


Spark Flower Academy



30 years after starting Dutch Flower Arrangement in Kyoto, Japan.




Spark Flower Academy will continue to be a bridge between Holland and Japan with floral design.




N-Style Flower License School




Located in Osaka Japan, N-style Flower License School offer a range of floristry courses for beginners, improvers and advanced students. You can study purely for pleasure or for a great career as a florist. We are willing to support your floristry ambitions.



The doors are opened in Japan to develop your skills and knowledge to the world-wide standard level of florist and flower designer with DFA-Diploma.



Our license schools in Korea:


Woo Song Floral Art Design Academy





Woosong Floral Art School was founded 40 years ago and has established a good reputation to this day. It has led flower design, culture development and market revitalization in Busan. Next to national certificates, we offer internationally recognized florist diplomas as well by official contract.



We offer the students an opportunity to learn high-quality skills and acquire national/ international diplomas. The school is a place where you can advance from an easy-to- start hobby class all the way to becoming a professional florist, taught by the best experienced professional instructors.



Park Suni Florist academy is in Namhe which is the most beautiful island of South Korea. We are an official license school of the Aeres professional education university in the Netherlands.



The school provides professional training and quality lessons to future florists. We teach practical and trendy flower design arrangement that can be sold in flower shops. Also, we are the only license school in Gyongnam which all the courses required to obtain the DFA diploma.




Naim Flower Design School



The Naim floral brand & School is a great way to master the art of floral design. It was founded by Kyung Hee Kim in 1996. At the school, students learn a large variety of floral designs. Everything from traditional to contemporary design work is covered during the school’s exciting courses.



The school provides great training in the art of floral design and their students graduate with a portfolio of their design work. The school is in Daegu, the nation’s fourth largest city.




Nok Won Flower & Garden


http://Instagram: @nokwonflower

Nok Won Flower& Garden is located in Dae Gu. We teach practical design to students based on our 30 years of experience and expertise in teaching flower design at training colleges. We also teach fast-changing flower design trends and educate on how to analyse an arrangement, so that students can use this knowledge to their benefit.



We teach classes aimed at fostering flower designers with practicality, decorativeness, and commercial skills.




La Rose Flower & School



La Rose flower shop was opened in 1986. While I was running the flower shop, I realized the importance of training and educating people who would like to become professional florists. I founded La Rose flower & school and have been teaching students to become professional florists since 2008. We provide trend, creativity, and practical training based on solid design principles.



La Rose Flower & School offers:

  • Dutch Flower Arrangement 1& 2
  • Korean national florist certificate course
  • Texas A&M Benz school of design course
  • AIFD education partner in the United States – CFD certificate course and AIFD membership course




Floriat Flower Design & School



Floriat Flower Design & School is a specialized educational institution that trains florists who create beauty with natural materials. We are a professional florist training organization composed of Interflora world champion winner Alex Choi and professional instructors. Our school provides a variety of curriculums, from professional florist courses to national / international florist competition training and international florist diploma courses.



Floriat Flower Design & School offers:

  • Dutch Flower Arrangement diploma courses 1&2
  • German Florist diploma courses
  • National / International Skill competition courses
  • Korean Craftsman floral design certificate course



Our license school in Taiwan:


China Floral Art Foundation




China Floral Foundation (CFAF) was established on 1990. CFAF is the only licensed school of EFDA in Taiwan, and also a long term in teaching Dutch Flower Arrangement (DFA) and Advanced Dutch Flower Arrangement (ADFA).

CFAF has 3 groups: Taipei Group, Taichung Group and South Group. The headquarter is located in Taipei City. Every year, domestic and foreign famous floral designers are invited to participate in teaching programs, exhibitions, examinations, competitions and demonstrations. We realized a good foundation is the key to successful learning, so is floral design! In order to train florists to be successful in flower arranging in commercial or non-commercial settings, enhance the aesthetics of daily life and cooperate with the government to promote refined agriculture, with humanities, art, technical and social need, and also combine European floral art to develop international professional floral art standards.

CFAF’s publications include several basic Dutch floral art textbooks, “Flora” magazine – issue every two months, and also “Basic Flower Arrangements” textbook, published in collaboration with Mr. Jan van Doesburg. The book focused on practical flower arranging. Those samples were not -the one and only -examples but inside a framework of basic principles. There was space for personal creativity and a wide range of choices.

Many students are educated every year by experienced teachers and pass successfully the official examination controlled by the European Floral Design Academy (EFDA). CFAF is in a process of continuingly upgrading and also, spend efforts to support students studying for DFA and the basics of floral design.

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T: +31 6 23 871 353
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