A complete system


Dutch floral design is held in high regard throughout the world. For everyone who wants to practise professional floral design, VBW, the official Dutch florist association, in cooperation with EFDA, Dutch and foreign license schools, has set up a complete range of vocational courses with its own examination system and certificates.

The contents of these courses are frequently updated in accordance with the latest developments in professional practice. The contents and the examination requirements are determined in consultation with the schools and the Dutch florist association VBW.

The diploma line consists of both practical and theoretical aspects, supported by its own set of books, which are also available in English and partly in Japanese and Polish.

concentration during judging DFA1 arrangements

Aimed at professional practice


These courses very adequately prepare people to become successful professionals. People already working in this profession, who want to improve and update their knowledge and skills, will also find them very useful.



The examinations are held throughout the world. The same standards and examination regulations apply everywhere. As a result all certificate holders worldwide are equally qualified. The examinations are marked by qualified professionals from trade and education. The examinations are held under the auspices of VBW. EFDA is monitoring the quality of these examinations.



The certificates, ranging from beginner’s level (DFA) to Master in floral design are accepted as professional standard by VBW. Certificate holders are permitted to use the official logo.

Coordination of the VBW Diploma Line


Aeres University of applied sciences and teacher education Wageningen coordinates the diploma line on behalf of VBW. Aeres University is an educational institute of the Dutch Ministry of Education with a teacher training course for Floral Design on bachelor level and a professional Floral Design course on Associate Degree level.

EFDA (European Floral Design Academy) is Aeres University’s special department organizing international floral design activities.

When you are interested in taking DFA or ADFA courses please contact one of our license school.

DFA 1 | Dutch Flower Arrangements

DFA 1 certificate holders are capable of making basic flower arrangements (common in Dutch flower shops) within a set time.

Pieces of work:

  • hand tied bouquet
  • bridal bouquet
  • corsage
  • funeral spray
  • dish arrangement
  • vase arrangement
  • object decoration
  • wall decoration
  • table decoration

DFA 2 | Dutch Flower Arrangements

DFA 2 certificate holders have all basic professional knowledge, which they can apply in a professional setting.


  • Business administration: shop presentation, shop layout, sales promotion, budget planning.
  • Aesthetic design: principles of composition, design, colours and movements.
  • Knowledge of assortment: nomenclature, knowledge of plants
  • Professional knowledge: general professional knowledge and advice.


ADFA 1 | Advanced Dutch Flower Arrangements

ADFA 1 certificate holders are capable of making flower arrangements related to specific people, locations and occasions, based on personal creativity.

Pieces of work:

  • car decoration
  • bridal bouquet
  • hand tied bouquet
  • historical arrangement
  • wreath
  • floral jewelry
  • plant arrangement
  • product presentation
  • funeral arrangement
  • room decoration
  • dish arrangement
  • vase arrangement

ADFA 2 | Advanced Dutch Flower Arrangements

ADFA 2 certificate holders have specific professional knowledge, which they can apply in a professional setting.


  • Business operation: managing a flower shop, staff management, public relations, house style, salesmanship, shop layout, calculation, use of computers.
  • Specialised professional knowledge: knowledge of plants, advising customers.
  • History of art: history of art and culture, comprehensive theory of colour and design, drawing.
download the Dutch Diplomaline schedule

Dutch diplomaline schedule

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DFA/ADFA examination regulation English-Japanese